DEPARTMENT MARINE OF THE YEAR 2019 - Eldon "Doc" Holsey 

2019-2020 Department Officers:Judge Advocate: Bryson Allen, Chaplian: Wes Topez, Adjutant / Paymaster: Harvey Harris, Commandant: Joe Hughes, Sr. Vice Commandant: Rick "Doc" Pustka, Jr. Vice Commandant: George Waugh, SGT at Arms: Eldon "Doc" Holsey, Jr. Past Commandant: Jan Denney . (Elections, June 01, 2019)

USMC / Department of kansas news


Harvey Harris receives the Mid-West Division Marine of the Year for 2018

Judge Advocate: Bryson Allen, Chaplian: George Waugh, Adjutant / Paymaster: Harvey Harris, Commandant: Joe Hughes, Sr. Vice Commandant: Rick "Doc" Pustka, Jr. Vice Commandant: Paul McGuire, SGT at Arms: Eldon "Doc" Holsey, Jr. Past Commandant: Jan Denney (not pictures) (Elections, June 02, 2018)

2019 Mid-West Division Spring Conference - Sioux City, IA

Kansas attendees: Harvey Harris, Joe Hughes, Jan Denney, Eldon "Doc" Holsey, Bryson Allen

2018 MCL National Convention News

General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment receives MCL National Meritorious Unit award for hosting the 2017 MCL National Convention..

Joe Hughes - Department of Kansas Commandant / General Larry Oppenheimer Detachment advances to Pedigree Devil Dog at National Convention in Buffalo, NY