Topeka Pound 196
Pound Keeper: PDD Dale Meadows
Dog Robber: PDD Dan Dollison
Sr. Vice: PDD Darla Fullerton
Jr. Vice: PDD Charles Davis
Smart Dog: DD Mike Prunty
Dog Trainer:  PDD James Scott
Mad Dog: DD Kenton Holloway
Police Dog: DD David Vanderpool
Watch Dog: 
Barking Dog: 

Lenexa Pound 378
Pound Keeper: DD John Byrnes

Dog Robber: PDD Chris Bailey
Sr. Vice: DD Joe Hughes
Jr. Vice: PUP Ken Fain
Smart Dog: DD George Waugh
Dog Trainer:  PUP Marcia Sands
Mad Dog: DD Joe Hughes
Police Dog: PDD Harvey Harris
Watch Dog:  PDD David Zeferjohn
Barking Dog:  PUP Robert Patterson

Salina Pound 365
Pound Keeper: PDD Jan Denney
Dog Robber: PDD David Eberhart
Sr. Vice: PDD Harvey Harris
Jr. Vice: PDD Larry Thompson
Smart Dog: PDD Bryson Allen
Dog Trainer:  PDD Alvie Furbeck
Mad Dog: PDD Alvie Furbeck
Police Dog: PDD Tom Huxtable
Watch Dog:  PDD Larry Cushenbery
Barking Dog:  PUP Wesley Topel

Wichita Pound 094

Pound Keeper: PDD Eldon Holsey
Dog Robber: PDD Jimmie Wood
Sr. Vice:
Jr. Vice: DD John Kiser
Smart Dog: PDD Bryson Allen
Dog Trainer: 
Mad Dog: PDD Phillip Griffee
Police Dog: DD Robert Buckel
Watch Dog:  PDD Thomas Huxtable
Barking Dog:  PDD Alan Daniel

Kansas Pack 2017-2018

Pack Leader: PDD Eldon “Doc” Holsey   

Dog Robber: PDD Harvey Harris
Sr. Vice: PDD Dan Dollison
Jr. Vice: PDD Harvey Harris
Smart Dog: PDD Tom Huxtable
Dog Trainer:  PDD Phillip Griffee 
Mad Dog: PDD Alvie Furbeck
Police Dog:  DD Joe Hughes
Watch Dog:  DD John Byrnes
Barking Dog:  PDD Jan Denney

 I am an American, I was born in France.  I hold the title of United States Marine, and understand the commitment of holding the title, Devil Dog.  It is a tradition born at Belleau Wood in the year 1918, of a force in readiness and the “First to Fight.”  As a Devil Dog, I ask no quarter and give no quarter.  I will do everything in my power to uphold the objectives of the Military Order of Devil Dogs and to carry out my duties to a swift and satisfactory completion.